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An Extensive List of Search Engines


General Searches

  • AAA Matilda - Waltz the Web with Not 1 But 12 Search Engines.
  • Aeiwi - provides a unique interface that allows users to add more and more search terms until they have a manageable number of results
  • All4one - allows simultaneous searching of four major search engines with a single click. Results are displayed in side by side re-sizable frames, and it is much faster than other meta-searches.
  • - lists the top search engines as well as links for numerous topical searches.
  • AltaVista - one of the search engine classics.
  • Ask Jeeves - Ask Jeeves any question, and you will get a response, along with links.
  • Aupairsearch - a search engine that can match you up with an in-home child care provider based on your criteria.
  • AvSearch - is dedicated to aviation.
  • Bigstuff - Simple, fast search engine, with free e-mail
  • Canadopedia - This search engine lists English and French Canadian web sites, plus Canadian web sites in other languages.
  • - Searched through company profiles, and there are over 250,000.
  • Cyber411 - queries 16 search engines at a time.
  • Datahit - Mining the net on a Linux based spider
  • Debriefing - Debriefing supports advanced search syntax, removes duplicates, and is able to use both English and French Search Engines.
  • Directory India - Premier Yellow Page and Directory for all Indian Companies on the Web
  • Education World Search Engine - Best Education Site Today. Search more than 110,000 URLs on education.
  • Embassy World - locates all countries with guest and host embassies.
  • Excite - Macworld's runner-up pick (August 1996) for index searches.
  • Gee-Wiz! - Indexes similarly to Yahoo and are now taking in listings.
  • Global Network Academy Distance Learning Catalog - A research resource geared toward academia.
  • Google is a fast, accurate and informative new search engine.
  • GoXML - the world's first true XML context-based search processor, catalogs only XML based data on the internet
  • HaReshima - a search engine and links specifically for Jewish and Israeli sites on the web.
  • Highway 61 - a search site with a sense of humor: submits your search to Yahoo, Lycos, Webcrawler, Excite, and others and lists the results on a single page.
  • Information Outpost - Simply type in what you are looking for below and they will send the information back to you via e-mail.
  • Infoseek - a comprehensive and accurate WWW search engine.
  • International Development Institute - has a list of search engines, e-commerce/banking links as well as internet and intranet data for engineers.
  • ioport - allows users to search by category or simultaneously search four engines at once.
  • IQseek - Search up to 12 search engines at once.
  • Kerbango - Kerbango is dedicated to making Internet audio easier, more reliable and much more popular!
  • Langenberg - offers lists of searches covering over 25 different topics, from acronyms to zip codes.
  • Linkzone World
  • Links2Go - surf the web sideways.
  • Logisticsbay - Free e-mail, with a simple search engine
  • Lokace - francophone search engine.
  • Lycos is a gigantic database of URLs from the WWW, gopher, and FTP
  • Mamma - The mama of search engines
  • Megacrawler - A parallel search with free e-mail
  • Metacrawler - Search engine in conjunction with go2net.
  • Metafetcher - can search any 10 of 300 search engines at the same time, including meta searches.
  • Mining Co - A search engine with real people to assist your needs.
  • Monster Crawler - Performs a simultaneous multi-thread searches
  • Multimeta - a bilingual search that encorporates seven browses.
  • Net-Buster - A great search engine created by a 14 year old.
  • The Net One - Search engine with numerous categories. Numerous web promotions links here.
  • 1jump - a search engine download that uses company names, brand names or ticker symbols. It even gives nicknames to your own favorite jumps.
  • Omegaweb1 - Omega web search, the fun way to surf
  • PointGuide - a relatively new website that features a top 10 list, what's cool, what's new, and a search engine.
  • - A 100% kid safe search engine.
  • SavvySearch - A simultaneous search engine with the most complete net coverage so far. It includes e-mail addressees, Usenet, FTP sites, Gopher and Web space. SavvySearch queries the following search engines: AliWeb, CSTR, Deja News, EINET Galaxy, FTPSearch95, Infoseek, Inktomi, Internet Movie Database, Lycos, NIKOS, Open Text, Pathfinder, Point Search, SIFT - Stanford Information Filtering Tool, Tribal Voice, Virtual Software Library, WebCrawler, Yahoo and Yellow Pages. It will add: Magellan: McKinley's Internet Directory, Excite and
  • Search Engines Galore - Lists major U.S. searches as well as search engines worldwide.
  • Search Engines Worldwide - has links to search engines on over 110 countries
  • Searchout - A Parallel Search engine that searches other search engines.
  • Search Spaniel - lets you search multiple search engines (currently over 200) simultaneously or individually from a single text box. Results are returned either on a single framed window or in individual windows. A People Search form is also included. A new Java interface has been added for even speedier searching.
  • Search Tycoon - A relatively new search engine
  • - boasts the top search engine for the industry.
  • sifmug.ugi - Single Form Multiple Gateways
  • Skworm - One entry multiple search engines.
  • Splat Search - named because of the way websites are splattered all over the place.
  • Spydersearch - The "net's fastest search portal", searches all major search engines from a single browser.
  • Studentsearch - Searhes webpages for school projects and other school related pages, free e-mail
  • Vets Search is dedicated to veterans and military sites.
  • Web Search AU - Australian Search Engine 78,538 sites 3,850,000+ pages
  • Web Search NZ - New Zealand Search Engine 33,192 sites 1,210,000+ pages
  • WebCrawler is a spider-based proxy search.
  • WebHurricane - Features site of the day, download of the day, and MP3 of the day.
  • wwwARTchannel - uses more than 500 world search engines to research everything from antiques to the theater
  • Webwombat - One of the world's oldest search engines.
  • Worldlight - Now over 300,000 urls indexed.
  • Yahoo - the most complete subject index on the Web
  • Your Leisure Web Directory and Search Engine - Covers subjects from arts and humanities to a travel directory.
  • ZenSearch - a search engine maintained by a non-profit organization in an attempt for more accurate results.
  • Z-search - Uses a quick-reference style that covers several topics including WebTV.

Searching Gopher


Find People


News/Current Events

  • News Index - News-only search engine. Their catalog currently indexes over 300 newspapers and news sources from around the world.
  • - c-net's news source.
  • Thunderstone - Find headlines, business news, sports, science and international news in real time.
  • TotalNEWS - links to major news sites all over the web.


Get Noticed

  • FastCounter - Get a free hit counter for your pages.
  • ListBot - Start your own free email list.
  • Search Engine Watch - Gives details about how the major search engines work, how you have a better chance to be listed higher and other tips on submitting your URLs.
  • PositionAgent - See how your site ranks on major search engines.
  • Site-See Submission Service provides a free analysis of your site's position on several popular search engines.
  • - Contains tools and links to get your site higher in search engine results.
  • Submit Express will register your site with over 30 search engines for free.
  • Web Site Garage - Enter a URL and this site will run a full diagnostics check.
  • Web Site Post Office - provides a free demo that creates a mailing list to keep in touch with visitors of your web site.


Miscellaneous Searches/Info